We specialise in editing and mixing sound for short films, television shows, tv and cinema ads and on-line content. We edit Dialogue, Music and Effects on feature films.

We can supply final product in stereo or 5.1.

  • Mixing
    Volume balancing, panning, EQ, limiting, compression, effects (such as reverb modelled on real spaces), overall loudness (LKFS) level.
  • Sound Editing
    Dialogue, Music and Effects Editing.
    Sound design, audio restoration and cleaning, synchronisation, fades.
  • ADR
  • Voice Over
    U47 clone into all valve pre-amp (ex Radio Denmark).
  • Manual Reconform
    Matching audio to those last minute picture edits.
  • Drift
    Fixing of the problem where the audio gets progressively more out of sync with the picture.
  • Foley
    Incidental Foley capabilty with immediate access to the entire contents of a house and more.